Ranch of the Oaks

Ranch - est. 1999

Fiber Mini Mill - est. 2006

Ranch of the Oaks is located on 20 acres of flat to rolling hills in Lompoc, CA. We have sunny days and cool coastal weather in the mornings and nights. A very comfortable place for humans and their friends.

Tom & Mette

We have a variety of animals including Alpacas, Llamas, Icelandic Sheep and assorted other critters.

Our dream started in 1999 when Mette and Tom met and joined households as well as dreams. We started with raising Club Lambs and chicken eggs.

In 2003 we became Ranch of the Oaks. We also grew in Alpaca and Llama numbers...... We had our FIRST Alpaca and Llama crias.

Gwen and Friend

2004 brought us into more building and fencing projects for the ever expanding menagerie. We also acquired 2 registered Llamas and added registered Icelandic sheep to the mix.

View from above

2006 Our Mini Mill arrived, We have acquired more animals and are working on getting the mill up and running while keeping all the animals healthy and happy as well as maintain our full time regular paychecks.

2007 has been a year of change. Mette is now working the ranch and Fiber Mill full time. The mill has expanded into the rest of the building.

Mette Knitting
Tom Spinning

January 2012 Tom retired from his day job and joined Mette to work the ranch and Fiber Mill full time.

Now our commute is a short walk down the driveway to the mill. Well after the morning rounds of taking care of 100+ animals.

The day then ends with the final rounds of feeding and checking the animals. Unless there are pending births, issues or the like.

Oh yea and also all this computer and book keeping work that never seems to end!


We invite you to share in our dream !